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Hey AEM'ers!

As you all may know, the winner of the Survival Spawn Build Competition is none other than Gehy! (@Danny Von Monroe) Congratulations! Danny's build took the finalist vote by storm and managed to amass quite a large gap between himself and the second place finalist, @PvpJamy. As promised before, Danny has been awarded a donation coupon worth $60!

Once again, thank you all for participating in this build competition! In the future, we'll be sure to host additional competitions so you can have your chance at taking it all...

Danny's winning submission will be used as the next Survival Server spawn. Be sure to look out for the reset; an estimated time of release will be announced some time later on.

AEM Staff Team
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Hey everyone,

Here are the top voters of January 2016. Please start a pm with me on the forums for your donation store coupon codes. You will receive them by the end of the week.

1. @J3rkk - 135 Votes ($50 Donation store coupon)
2. @menddm123 - 126 Votes ($40 Donation store coupon)
3. @OreoTwinkies - 119 Votes ($30 Donation store coupon)
4. @CrystalCloud_11 - 117 Votes ($20 Donation store coupon)
5. @Goldrake71 - 102 Votes ($10 Donation store coupon)

In other news, the non-OP Skyblock server is now out. You can connect by using /server skyblock in any of the servers on our network. OP-Skyblock has also been moved to /server opskyblock.
In light of this release, we have decided to run a 30% off sale on our server store. Be sure to take advantage while it lasts. The sale ends March 2nd.
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EDIT: Poll has ended, stay tuned for a further announcement with more information!

Hey AEM'ers. Thank you all for participating in the first ever AEM Build-Off, with the theme being the next Survival Spawn. In case you didn't know, the Survival Server will be reset and updated to 1.11.2 in the near future.

Until then, we have looked at all of your builds and have limited down the competition to 3 finalists! The Staff have done their part; now it is your turn. Below, you will find [Spoilers] that you can click for each of the finalists that contain screenshots of each submission. We encourage you to also log onto the Creative server and check out the builds within Minecraft to really get the whole experience (/warp buildcomp). We have also written brief summaries of each of the submissions. Take a look!

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