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Hey guys and girls,

I plan on doing more YouTube videos and we need more subscribers! So be sure to subscribe to our channel here: and checkout the videos we upload!

Thanks, @AlexM850!
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Hey AEM Network players,

Our Black Friday sale has just ended! Thanks to all of you who donated! We appreciate the donations and support of the server, we are now opening up an EARLY Cyber Monday sale that is 25% off. You do not need a coupon code for this, it is automatically applied to your checkout! So all packages will show 25% off for you!

Enjoy the sale and take advantage of this one! Thanks, @AlexM850!
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Hello AEM network players,

The long awaited Prison server has finally been released! Be sure to check it out @ /prison!

Be sure to report any bugs/things that need to be fixed under the bug reports here:

Enjoy the Prison server & have fun! Don't drop the soap!

Thanks, @AlexM850!
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Hi AEM Network Players,

We are having a limited time Black Friday Sale, that is 50% off! Be sure to take advantage of this deal! Because it's definitely worth it! Be sure to buy some ranks and items and support the server! The 50% off sale code is below make sure you put it in case sensitive! This will last through Saturday night!

Coupon: BlackFridayAEM
Thanks again, for all the continued support by so many players. It is much appreciated! Thanks, @AlexM850!
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Hi AEM Network Players,

By request by SO MANY players, we have finally reverted KitPvP to 1.7! Players can now play on KitPvP on 1.7 clients or 1.8 clients! We plan on fixing up KitPvP and Factions as well. In the future we will also be making Factions 1.7 and 1.8 client compatible! Enjoy the PvP Fest!

Here's a prison teaser image! This is the /warp PvP area!

Thanks, @AlexM850!
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Hey AEM Network Community,

Here are the changes and updates for skyblock/survival:

  • Added Disguise Plugin for donators.
  • Updated shop @
  • Updated Donator Ranks Kits / Items.
  • Updated Skyblock Plugin + Server.
  • You can now use island/team chat.
  • Added Player Vaults (virtual chests for donators).
  • You get all kits below your rank.
  • Fixed/updated disguises.
  • Updated mcMMO
  • Updated some permissions, that users were supposed to have by default
  • Updated miscellaneous configurations.
If you find any bugs, please report them here:
Tag me in your forum post by using @AlexM850 so i can checkout the bug report.
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Hey AEMNetwork Players,

I know you've all been waiting on a prison server for no telling how long, now, we have a prison server that is being prepared for release! I hope you're all just as excited as i am for this new prison server. We are going to be constantly pushing out new updates as fast as possible. For any of you who've had questions about KitPvP & Factions being 1.7, yes we have those plans for sure that are going to happen. Enjoy!

Thanks, @AlexM850.
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Hey AEMNetwork Players,

I know there's been a lot of debate and this and that back and forth about the ownership of AEM. Tonight it finally came down to a conclusion. I will be the Owner of AEM, (yes i know i previously said i was going to retire because of certain reasons). I will continue progress and work on AEM Network within the next few days. There are a lot of things that need to be straightened out before hand. Please PM me on the forums if you have any questions. Sorry for so much confusion, disruption, and scaring all of you. I sincerely apologize. @EthanM850 will be retiring as an Owner and i will be taking over the network completely myself.

Thanks, @AlexM850.
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Be sure to start voting for the month of November to win some awesome prizes.

If you see these top voters in game be sure to congratulate them for being a top voter as well as thank you for everyone who votes for the server! Please make sure you vote on all 6 voting sites every 24 hours! It will help us gain new players and we will be voted the best server!

The following are the Top 10 Voters of October:

1.) DocandElla - $30 Donation Credit.
2.) wildjenmonster - $30 Donation Credit.
3.) SkyStrider_ - $30 Donation Credit.
4.) R3v0luTionZz - $20 Donation Credit.
5.) Zyra_bot - $20 Donation Credit.
6.) DutchieTheKid - $20 Donation Credit.
7.) Twinkie_Dink - $15 Donation Credit.
8.) studlymckhaos - $15 Donation Credit.
9.) TomPearuss - $15 Donation Credit.
10.) hikari442 - $15 Donation Credit.

Message me to claim your prizes for being a top voter of October! You have 2 weeks to claim your prize! Please...
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Hi AEMNetwork Players,

I am back for good now, i have been working on updates for the server and planning updates over the last week. I have a list of things i am going to go through and do, and push out updates and bug fixes. I am back and able to work on the server for good now, i apologize for my long disappearance i had a lot of issues and things in life i was having to deal with and take care of.

We are also having a Halloween sale starting RIGHT NOW! The sale is 20% off! This sale will end on November 2nd! Be sure to get your goodies and treats now!

Halloween Sale Code: Spooky2015