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* * * EDIT: Zombies has been updated to 1.11.2! /server zombies * * *
* * * All players who built their build for the build comp in Singleplayer, please reply to this thread with a download link to your schematic. * * *

Hi there AEM'ers, it's time again! On this AEM Update, the build competition is over, non-OP Skyblock is coming closer, a new zombies map is almost here, and the network is being updated!

Non-OP Skyblock Rough Release Date
Firstly, it's almost here. The long-awaited non-OP Skyblock server will be coming to AEM some time next month, in February! For those uninformed, this new server will be on AEM alongside the already existing OP Skyblock. NO SERVER WILL BE REMOVED! All of your ranks will automatically be transferred to the new server. We hope you are as excited as we are! #GET_HYPE

The Build Comp is over... what now?
In the coming...
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Hey everyone, just a quick announcement.

The Survival Spawn Build-Off deadline has been extended to January 22, 2017*! We've seen many newcomers recently, so we want to give everyone the best chance at winning the build-off.

More details about the Build-Off can be found by clicking here.
Participate for your chance at the top prize, which is a donation coupon worth $50-75!


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good luck everyone !!
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Hey AEM'ers, it's that time again! On this AEM Update, we have a new map on Zombies and a build-off where you can win 50-75$ on the donation store! Read this update for more information!
The Survival Spawn BUILD-OFF (/warp buildcomp on Creative)
AEM is having its very first BUILD-OFF! The Build-Off will be hosted on the Creative server (or in single player, if you can send a schematic), with the theme being the new Survival spawn! The winner will take a donation store coupon that can range from $50-75, depending on the detail put into the building! The winners build will be used as the new spawn on the Survival server. All participants are required to reply to this thread to let us know that you are taking part in the build-off. The Winner's Creative plot will be selected in two weeks (around January 22, 2017*, subject to change*), and will be PM'ed their donation code after a...