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by AlexM850 at 3:34 PM
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Hi AEM Network Players,

We have an unscheduled emergency maintenance, shutting the server down completely, while we transfer all of our databases over to a new machine. The server should be back online within the next 45 minutes. This was an unscheduled maintenance to transfer databases from one of our back-end servers to another. Sorry for the inconvenience to all of you, please bear with us!

Edit: This is taking a little longer than we expected, the network will be online by 5:15 P.M. CST.

Thanks, @AlexM850 @SWI
by AlexM850 at 5:13 PM
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Hey once again, my beloved AEM Network players,

We have added crates/crate keys which you can buy here: or you can receive them by lucky votes, (that means that you should vote a lot and you'll probably get some)! We have also added custom death messages as we had it requested by a lot of players. We also added a duels / 1v1arena plugin that's in the works right now (should be done in the next day or two) and ready to go on the server! It is absolutely amazing, you can ask @@Tree_Killer_ about it as he helped test it. We've also updated shop prices to make it worth grinding and selling things in the shop. We've fixed obsidian destroyer to destroy obsidian with 5 hits of tnt. Global tokens has been updated and things have been added to the token shop,. We have added getting 1 mcmmo credit per vote to redeem. CrateKeys can be gotten from luckyvotes, the tokens shop, or buying them at the server store! We are also adding more things to buy on...
by AlexM850 at 11:25 AM
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Hi AEMNetwork Players,

We have just updated our Global Tokens plugin to be compatible for username changes! However all of the servers aren't 100% fully compatible and ready for name changes, we're getting a lot closer! You can now vote and get your tokens again and use them in the /token shop. Be sure to start voting again! Voting helps the server move up the voting websites lists so that more players can see our server. If you want to see the server grow, be sure to vote EVERY 24 hours on the voting sites here: and it helps out a lot more than most players realize. So please consider voting if you have time!

Edit: We've also added 2 more voting sites! Be sure to start voting on them!
Thanks, AlexM850!
by AlexM850 at 5:33 PM
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Hi AEMNetwork Players,

Its Mother's Day s we're bringing you a sale for the next 2 days! Be sure to checkout our store at to take advantage of our Mother's Day sale! You get 20% off everything in our entires store on anything for the next 2 days!

Coupon for our Mother's Day sale: MothersDay
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Hi guys,

Here in America it is Spring Break for a lot of us, so we're going to be doing a Spring Break sale through March 31st starting today! Be sure to checkout our store at to take advantage of our Spring break sale! You get 15% off everything in our entire store on anything through March 31st!
Coupon for our Spring Break sale: SB2015

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Hi guys & girls,

As you know we have a global tokens system that carries your tokens to each server and you can spend those tokens on individual items on each server. As you already know, you can earn these tokens by doing /vote everyday. Sometime on Sunday we will be resetting ALL tokens and everyone will be starting over with no tokens. We will be converting our global tokens system to support UUID's, so that if you change your username in the future, you will never lose your tokens again! So be sure to use your tokens before sometime Sunday!

Thanks, @AlexM850.
by AlexM850 at 1:34 AM
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1.) Updated to the latest server versions.
2.) Fixed a bug with portals connecting to servers on the network.

1.) Fixed /hub command sending you to both hubs. It now sends you to one of the hubs randomly.
2.) Fixed commands so you can now use /skyblock, /factions, /kitpvp, /hub instead of /server <name>.

1.) Added slime eggs & rabbit eggs to skylegend rank /kit eggs.
2.) Updated /kit <rank> for all ranks and added / upped armor / weapons / tools enchants.
3.) Fixed 3 challenges that previously didn't work correctly.
4.) Added island companions.
5.) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players not to be able to use /is level.
6.) Fixed a bug where players from other islands could hit/kill villagers/iron golems on your island.
by AlexM850 at 7:01 PM
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Hi AEMNetwork Players,

This week starting right now through Sunday night we will be having a 15% off sale on our entire Buycraft store to celebrate the reset of the skyblock server and this sale will be applied to all ranks on AEMNetwork!

Just use the code SkyblockReset to receive 15% off your donator ranks!​

Thank you all for playing on AEMNetwork!
by AlexM850 at 1:13 AM
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Be sure to start voting for the month of March to win some awesome prizes.

The following are the Top 10 Voters of February:

1.) MinecraftReverse - $30 Donation Credit.
2.) Trouble1122 - $30 Donation Credit.
3.) Dutchflame_ - $30 Donation Credit.
4.) Bobboloo - $30 Donation Credit.
5.) Potata104 - $30 Donation Credit.
6.) CR7Joyce - $20 Donation Credit.
7.) Nasty_Nick2014 - $20 Donation Credit.
8.) dillbill91 - $20 Donation Credit.
9.) kiyameAssassin - $20 Donation Credit.
10.) CaNdyMan1369 - $20 Donation Credit.

Message me to claim your prizes for being a top voter of February! You have 2 weeks to claim your prize! Please message me what server you want your donation credit added to, what your current rank is on that server, & your Minecraft username.

For Example: Minecraft Username: AlexM850
Server: Factions
Current Rank: Legend

Thanks, AEM Network Players!
by Meg1626 at 1:11 PM
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Sky block has been completely reset now!
We now have a BRAND NEW Skyblock plugin, with a new interface, new challenges, new features, updates, and more!
This was a COMPLETE reset so the only things that will be left will be player ranks, rank perks, and tokens. EVERYTHING else will be gone. You will get the chance to start fresh on a brand new island with new features and former features now being implemented.

I know this will be a sad time as we will be losing months and/or years of hard work, but think about all the awesome new things ahead of us! I...